“The instruction my boys are receiving is top notch. They are also taught perseverance, respect, hard (physical) work and how to respond in real life bullying situations. I couldn’t be happier to have my boys at Dragon Bushido.”

– Krista Ellis

“My second martial arts family, I consider it an honor to train there with Kyoshi Pon’s guidance, and I consider it an honor to call the people of Dragon Bushido Martial Arts my friends. There is no better dojo in the Boise area.”

– Susan Jacobsen

“Pon is an amazing instructor who instills positive growth both physically and mentally. I would recommend Dragon Bushido to anyone looking to develop physical awareness and discipline into their child’s or their own lives.”

– Mike Brown

“Great program! We love both of the instructors and my son seems to be learning a lot…especially respect which is amazing!”

– Julie Wright-Cadotte

“I am new to martial arts but I study with Pon because I have a philosophy, when you encounter a master in any discipline, learn what you can from him/her. Pon is a person that I enjoy learning from. He is a master that is not dogmatic, rather he focuses on the most efficient way to train each student so that they can reach their martial potential. Expect to be challenged.”

– Matt Griffith

“Great training for kids and adults with a very welcoming environment. DBMA offers well-rounded training options for traditional martial arts, fitness, and practical self defense. Whatever your goals are, there is a good fit. Kyoshi Pon has a great balance of discipline and fun that works great for all students.”

– Rick Jepson

“Great martial arts, bar none. I travel from Denver just to train with Kyoshi Pon, and I consider it an honor to do so. Make no mistake, he is one of the best martial artists and teachers in the country, period. Inspirational, talented, and dedicated. I can’t say enough. Do yourself a favor and train here.”

– Quentin McAndrew

“Hi, my name is Avery Brewster. One thing I like about karate is that we get to learn new things every day. Also, we get to learn how to defend ourselves.”

– Avery Brewster, Age 9

“My name is Taydin and the three things I like about karate is that there is a lot of space to work on our self-defense. Karate is good for workouts too, that is why I like it. Karate is awesome because on Saturday it is XMA and we get to do flips. “

– Taydin Brewster, Age 11

“Hi, my name s Serenity Brewster, I am 11 years old. Three things I like about karate is that we get to learn self-defense moves that can be helpful for the future if we need to use it. My second one is that we get the opportunity to learn things that can help in life that can keep you fit and not lazy and out of shape. My third one is that everyone is nice so that we have friends and new people to meet in different age groups and learn how to be a good example for others in class. Those are my three things that I like about the Dragon Bushido Martial Arts Dojo. Karate ROCKS!”

– Serenity Brester, Age 11

“My son and daughter have just started training at Dragon Bushido Dojo for about a month now and I have been so impressed! I trained in traditional karate for a large portion of my life and know the impact it can make, and I see the same happening in just a short time with the kids. Kyoshi Pon is truly invested in developing these young martial arts students. Ruby and Roman are so excited every week to come to class, and it is truly awesome to see. The school is very welcoming and makes new students feel like a part of the family from day 1. All I can say is thank you to Kyoshi Pon for being a great role model and teaching my kids the true meaning of honor and respect!”

– Marc Aiello

Superior Martial Arts Instruction

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